Counter-UAV Platform

The Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Counter-UAV) platform is an open architecture, multi-system integrated, full-featured control platform based on the standard Windows operating system. Through unified scheduling on the platform, it can automatically detect operational UAVs within a range of 1 to 5 kilometers using radio frequency or radar detection methods. The radio frequency spectrum or radar detects the UAV's position (including azimuth, altitude, and distance), and the electro-optical system automatically calculates and relays the position information through the control platform. The electro-optical system can automatically turn to the area, confirm, track, and lock onto the target. The interference system can be activated automatically or manually, disrupting or interfering with the UAV's data link and positioning system, cutting off communication and navigation between the UAV and its remote controller. This achieves unmanned, precise expulsion, or forced landing of the intruding UAV, ensuring the safety of the low-altitude airspace.

The platform system integrates and manages electro-optical devices, low-altitude defense radar, radio frequency spectrum detection equipment, radio interference devices, and provides third-party forwarding capabilities for networking with higher-level command centers. It is particularly suitable for forming a full-featured UAV defense system with multiple device access. The system can also store detection video images and various types of data, alarms, operation logs, etc., for a long time, providing comprehensive data security for evidence collection.
It can provide all-round security for military bases, border and coastal defense, airports, transportation hubs, hazardous material warehouses, key protected facilities, and more.